IOT Case Study

IOT Case Study

Utility 1: MAC2Serial Converter Application software


This Application software consists of 5 major components which includes a) Serial no generation logic builder screen b) Barcode scanning  c) Barcode Printing  d) Laser Marking Machine interface  e) Client Register/Server interface. Apart from this, the system will also have access control module to restrict unwanted user to change settings ,Printer settings, Laser marking machine settings, Client settings etc.


Starting  from scanning a barcode provided by PCB(bare board) Manufacturer, the scanner of this PCB/device will be connected to Serial / USB interface and powered up with Application program which will have the interface from where operator will interact with device and read MAC ID from the device. Based on the preconfigured logic of serial-no generation application, the software will create a serial no and will communicate with laser marking machine to generate a laser and to be engraved on device enclosure after which a Barcode will also be generated with similar details which will help to identify/installation of device in future. Finally, the application software will update this to Client Cloud server using API / DB to further reference and Records.


Utility 2: Test-ZIG-DATA Acquisition & Validator  application software  Development


A high level view of Application, the software consists of 5 major components which includes a) Test Zig Interfacing b) Validation Settings  c) Real TIME validation d) Rework data Manipulation/modifications  e) Client Register. Apart from this, the system will also have access control module to restrict unwanted user to change settings, Test ZIG interface settings, Client settings etc. This utility will be in sync with Client Cloud server for Data which came from MAC2Serial converter through API / DB when the device will be connected to test, zig it will read first MAC ID from IT and will get Mapping data of serial no for same from Client server after this machine operator will be interacting with the application, the software screen provided for Data acquisition from device which will get data from device and start validating it from pre-configured settings if device PASS or FAIL test it will prompt operator accordingly ON Pass test will be finished. In some cases operator will bypass screen to manually feed some values as defined in documents and data will be uploaded to Client Server using API’s. If device has failed the test, it will be sent to re-work on assembly line and after returning back that device operator can manually feed data.


IOT based irrigation controller:

When it comes to irrigation and fertigation schedule, this series of controllers manages it in a smarter way. Mobile app makes it even better user experience. It manages multiple pumps from water sources, irrigation and fertigation valves and filter backflush valve.

Once configured, farmer need not to worry about next 30 days. Major advantage is you can configure these controllers for fertigation program from any  place in the world.


Weather Station and Data Logger

Wireless weather station accurately collect and displays critical weather parameters untilizing LORA technology, it transmits and receives data upto 8-10 KM LOS. It tracks a large number of weather variables including temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction and dew point Evaportanspiration (ET). Data collected by our weather station is pushed to our cloud. The cloud makes this data available for real time access and monitoring on mobile devices.


  • Transmission Frequency : 865-867 MHZ
  • Temperature Range : -40 C to 100 C
  • Primary Power : Solar Power
  • Backup Power : 12 Volt 7.2 Ah Lithium Ion Battery
  • Software : Includes WWMS Windows based Software
  • APP : Includes Android & IOS mobile APP

Features and Benefits:

Completely Cloud configurable Agricultural IOT Hardware PLatform

  • Access to real time data from anywhere,anytime.
  • Assistance in disease f
  • Dedicated Mobile App. & Web App. For user interfaces.
  • License free wireless communication.
  • Compatible to irrigation controller
  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports.
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